Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Zorro - Behind A New World (Upcoming New World Zorro Book)

ZORRO - Behind A New World


 At over 200 pages - with numerous unpublished color and black and white illustrations - this is the ultimate reference work on the popular TV series Zorro from the 1990s! Fans of the series, westerns and film buffs alike will all find this book interesting as it gives a very detailed insight into the origin of the seriestogether with extensive new interviews with the cast and crew! The book also contains a complete overview of all the episodes, guest performers, locations, and never filmed scripts, pictures of the original props and replicas. Further detailed biographies of the main characters are also included.

Size: 17cm x 26cm (7in x 10in)

Volume: 220 pages

Contents: color / b & w

Release  Date: coming soon
Table of contents:

  - Creation of a Legend

- A short-lived return

- The Starter / production of the first season

- New faces, new stories / second season

- The sound of the Z / the soundtrack to the series

- A new enemy in town / The Third Season

- The end of a new world / the fourth season

- The secret of Tor "o" nado

- Revealed - the singers of the Theme Song

 also featuring

Episode guides, biographies, screenplays of never filmed episodes, unpublished photographs, and new interviews with cast and crew.
Translated from the German website.
This book is being published in Germany. It is believed that it will be avaiblabe in both German and English.

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