Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Zorro Creator Johnston McCulley Gets Place In Chillicothe Historical Society

Guy Williams with Zorro creator Johnston McCulley (Tyrone Power in the painting)
Zorro creator Johnston McCulley will be honored by the Chillicothe Historical Society in his boyhood home of Chillicothe, Illinois. The local Johnston McCulley/Zorro committee is busy piecing together the author's past and collecting memorabilia related to Zorro and other works by the writer for their upcoming exhibition. Anyone interested in contributing information about the life of Johnston McCulley or items related to Zorro or other McCulley works contact Dianne Colwell at (309) 251-3260.

To learn more about the Chillicothe Historical Society's efforts to honor Johnston McCulley please read the following articles.




*** Not much is know about the life of Johnston McCulley. Currently the most substantial compilation of information regarding his history has been assembled by The Nostalgia League in an article entitled "Johnston McCulley: Man of Mysery" written by Dan Neyer, Mary Neyer and Bob Gay. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Duncan Regehr and Guy Williams Jr. To Appear At Memphis Film Festival

Guy Williams Jr and Duncan Regehr - Zorro
Guy Williams Jr., son of Guy Williams the star of the late 50s Disney Zorro television series, and Duncan Regehr, star of the early 90s Zorro television series will appear at the Memphis Film Festival June 13-15, 2013. Also appearing will be Henry Darrow who starred in 3 different Zorro series.

Henry Darrow - Zorro
 For more information on the Memphis Film Festival visit their official website.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Guy Williams Duncan Regehr - Zorro

Guy Williams and Duncan Regehr
Two of the great all-time Zorro actors - Guy Williams and Duncan Regehr.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hear Now Audio Festival

Fans of  Audio Drama - The National Audio Theatre Festivals (NATF) has put together the premiere event of the year.... HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival in Kansas City, Missouri from June 20-23, 2013. HEAR Now is the audio equivalent of a film festival for contemporary audio story-telling in all its forms: live and scripted solo performances, multi-voiced performances, classic radio drama, experimental narrative, and much more. The 2013 HEAR Now Festival will be a gathering place where the work of master storytellers is celebrated and shared. In addition, the Festival will expose its audiences to recent developments in audio preservation by showcasing newly restored and archived award-winning audio dramas. For more information on HEAR Now, the events scheduled to take place, how you can attend or support this function go the HEAR Now website or join their Facebook page. You can also follow the HEAR Now Festival on Twitter.