Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Zorro At the Cincinnati Nostalgia Expo - May 16 and 17, 2014

Antonio Banderas, Alain Delon, Douglas Fairbanks, Henry Darrow, Christian Meier, Fernando Lupiz, Guy Williams, Duncan Regehr, and Tyrone Power

The 2014 Nostalgia Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio on May 16 and 17 will feature a 1 hour presentation on all things Zorro: Pulps, Radio Dramas, TV series, Movies, etc. There will also be a 30 minute live onstage Zorro radio drama reenactment. Catch all the history and news of the latest developments in the world of Zorro. Be sure to make your plans to be there.

For more information go to http://nostalgiaexpo.org

*Pictured: Antonio Banderas, Alain Delon, Douglas Fairbanks, Henry Darrow, Christian Meier, Fernando Lupiz, Guy Williams, Duncan Regehr, and Tyrone Power.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

ZORRO on Where Hollywood Hides

Where Hollywood Hides with Robert L. McCullough and Suzanne Herrera McCullough

Veteran Hollywood writer/director/producers Robert L. McCullough and his wife Suzanne Herrera McCullough share stories and insights into the biggest names in Hollywood. From TV shows to movies get all the behind the scenes details from the people who were there. If you want to know about all things Hollywood then go Where Hollywood Hides. The shows are free and the entertainment is priceless.

In Episode 18 Bob and Suzanne discuss New World Zorro. Listen and you'll learn how Duncan Regehr was cast as Zorro and much, much more.

Just follow the link to Where Hollywood Hides

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Duncan Regehr and Henry Darrow interview on CelebritySpotlight

Hear Duncan Regehr and Henry Darrow on the CelebritySpotlight radio show talk about their time in Spain filming the New World Zorro television series. These two wonderful stars give an fun, insightful behind the scenes look at the show they starred on.


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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Johnston McCulley's The Further Adventures of Zorro available on Kindle

The Further Adventures of Zorro on Kindle

Johnston McCulley's second Zorro novel The Further Adventures of Zorro is now available as a Kindle ebook. This swashbuckling sequel to The Curse of Capistrano (aka The Mark of Zorro) brings readers high seas action, adventure and romance. Captain Ramon is out to capture the affections of Lolita Pulido at any cost. He's hellbent to punish the pueblo, kill Zorro and get the girl. But killing Zorro is easier said than done. Read all about it on your Kindle.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zorro actor Duncan Regehr

Zorro actor Duncan Regehr
Zorro actor Duncan Regehr played the masked hero and protector of the pueblo de Los Angeles on television for 4 years. Cast in the role of Zorro in 1989 his impact was immediate as the show's popularity exploded around the globe. The series was seen by over 40 million viewers in 29 countries during it's original run on the Family Channel. Not since Guy Williams played Zorro had the character been this popular. To this day Duncan Regehr is still considered by fans to be one of the most popular Zorro actors of all-time.

Fans of Duncan Regehr can follow him on Facebook.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Zorro en Argentina (Fernando Lupiz y Betina Capetillo)

Zorro, El Tesoro de la Montaña Azul, protagonizada por Fernando Lupiz y Betina Capetillo es divertido para toda la familia.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Zorro on Facebook

Walt Disney Zorro starring Guy Williams
Walt Disney Zorro, protagonizada por Guy Williams

New World Zorro starring Duncan Regehr
Nueva Zorro Mundial protagonizada por Duncan Regehr

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