Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Sunday, September 17, 2017

New World Zorro Photo Book

New World Zorro Companion Book

A small German publishing group is taking pre-orders for a New World Zorro Companion book. IF they reach their goal of 200 orders they can publish the book. If you're a New World Zorro fan interested in a book filled with never before seen photos of the series go to the publishers Facebook page and place your order.

New World Zorro Companion Book Facebook page.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Duncan Regehr Patrice Martinez
1990s New World Zorro Television Series

Duncan Regehr Patrice Martinez
1990s New World Zorro Television Series

1990s New World Zorro Television Series

Zorro Val Kilmer Ruth Livier
The Mark of Zorro Radio Drama

Zorro Val Kilmer Ruth Livier
The Mark of Zorro radio drama concept poster

Zorro and the Pirate Raiders radio drama

Zorro Rides Again radio drama

Zorro and the King's Gold radio drama

ZORRO - The Musical (Germany)

(English Translation to follow)

Buch und Songtexte von Stephen Clark / Musik von The Gipsy Kings / Zusätzliche Musik von John Cameron / Originalstory von Stephen Clark und Helen Edmundson / Deutsche Fassung von Holger Hauer (Songtexte) und Jürgen Hartmann (Dialoge)
Er ist wieder da! Der Mann mit der schwarzen Maske, der Rächer der Armen – Zorro! Schon 1920 startete der legendäre Held seine Kinokarriere und focht mit wehendem Umhang, Hut und gezücktem Degen für Recht und Gerechtigkeit. Dem Musical, das 2008 im Londoner West End herauskam und neun Monate lang ausverkauft war, liegt der Zorro-Roman der chilenischen Autorin Isabel Allende zugrunde. Die Gipsy Kings mit ihren Mega-Hits Bamboleo, Diobi, Dioba und Baila Me haben dem Musical ihren unverwechselbaren musikalischen Stempel aufgedrückt.

Im Mittelpunkt stehen zwei Brüder, die zu erbitterten Feinden werden. Diego, der Jüngere, soll seinem Vater als Bürgermeister ins Amt folgen. Doch Ramon hält den Vater versteckt, behauptet, er sei tot und reißt die Macht brutal an sich. Diego wird zu Zorro und kämpft bei heißen Rhythmen der Flamenco-Gitarren gegen das Böse und für die Liebe!
Premiere: 23. September // 19:30 Uhr / Großes Haus
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Theater Fördervereins.

Premiere: 23. September 2017 // 19.30 Uhr / Großes Haus

Musikalische Leitung: Ektoras Tartanis
Inszenierung: Ulrich Mokrusch
Choreographie: Andrea Danae Kingston
Fechtchoreographie: Jean-Loup Fourure
Bühne & Kostüme: Dorit Lievenbrück
Choreinstudierung: Mario Orlando El Fakih Hernández
Dramaturgie: Juliane Piontek
Regieassistenz: Heidi Oßwald
Studienleitung: Hartmut Brüsch
Musikalische Einstudierung: Eunhyun Bang / Tonio Shiga
Soufflage: N.N.
Inspizienz: Regina Wittmar
Zorro / Diego de la Vega: Vikrant Subramanian
Luisa Pulido: Filipina Henoch / Alice Fuder
Ramon: Nicky Wuchinger
Inez: Dorothea Maria Müller
Sergeant Garcia: Tobias Haaks
Alejandro de la Vega: MacKenzie Gallinger 


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ZORRO - The musical

Stephen Clark's book and lyrics/music by the Gipsy Kings/additional music by John Cameron/original story by Stephen Clark and Helen Edmundson/German version by Holger Hauer (lyrics) and Jürgen Hartmann (dialogue)

He's back! The man with the Black Mask, the avenger of the Poor - Zorro! As early as 1920, the legendary hero started his cinematic career and fought with flowing cape, hat and drawn sword for law and justice. The musical, which came out 2008 in the West End of London and sold out for nine months, is based on the Zorro novel by Chilean author Isabel Allende. The Gipsy Kings, with their mega-hits Bamboleo, Diobi, Dioba and Baila Me, have put their unmistakable musical stamp on the musical.
The focus is on two brothers who are becoming bitter enemies. Diego, the younger, is to follow his father in office as mayor. Ramon, keeping their father hidden, claims he is dead and has brutally taken the power for himself.

Premiere: September 23rd//19:30 a.m./Big House
With the kind support of the Theatre Promotion Association.

Duncan Regehr in Texas for TWO Shows

Actor Duncan Regehr who is noted for being one of the greatest Zorro and Dracula actors in TV/Cinema history will be making 2 public appearances in Texas.

Duncan will be at the Austin Fantastic Fest September 22nd for a special Monster Squad event that will include an interactive fan experience and a teaser for a new Monster Squad documentary produced by Pilgrim Studios.

Duncan will be at the Alamo City Horror Convention in San Antonio October 27-29 as part of a 30th anniversary celebration of The Monster Squad. There will be a panel event featuring cast members: Duncan Regehr (Dracula), Stephen Macht (Officer Del), Tom Noonan (Frankenstein's Monster), Carl Thibault (Wolfman), Ashley Bank (Phoebe) and Michael Reid Mackay (The Mummy). There will be photo ops and autographs available.

Jay Asher - New World Zorro Music

When from out of the night a hero must rise with courage that even a mask won't disguise... They turn to the man called ZORRO.

Jay Asher, composer of the sound track for the 1990s Zorro television series, has made selected tracks from the series available. The album can be purchased on various websites including CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes. If you're a fan of the New World Zorro series that starred Duncan Regehr you will no doubt want to add this treasure to your musical library.

Also just released by Jay, his new pop album Jay Asher Honestly. After years of writing and creating for other artists he's poured his heart and soul into fulfilling his lifelong dream of making his own album.  Honestly is a collection of fun, heartfelt compositions that well represent the man, his talent and love of music. Honestly is a fantastic musical journey.

Jay Asher Honestly available on JayAsher.com, iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

A New Zorro TV Series... Who Would You Cast as Zorro?

Alex Kruz pictured as Zorro.
The time has come for the masked hero to rise from out of the night. His presence from the air waves has been far too long. Last seen in the New World Zorro series that ended in 1994 it's time once again for Zorro to entertain TV audiences with swashbuckling action, adventure and romance. Rumor has it a new Zorro TV series could be on the horizon. If so, who should be cast as Zorro? Some possible considerations... Alex Kruz, William Levy, Ryan Guzman, Aaron Diaz, Jencarlos Canela. Who would you choose? Vote in the poll on this page.

Henry Darrow 2017 Interview

Mike Radich interviews Emmy award winning actor Henry Darrow, the only man to play Zorro in 3 different series. Henry played Zorro in the Disney series Zorro and Son, voiced the role of Zorro in the animated series The New Adventures of Zorro and played Don Alejandro de la Vega in the 1990s New World Zorro series. Henry donned the mask in the episode Like Father, Like Son. He's the first Latino to play the masked hero in a major U.S.production.