Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Zorro on Facebook

Guy Williams and Disney Zorro fans will find a great fan group on the Zorro ~ Guy Williams Facebook page.


Duncan Regehr and New World Zorro fans will find a great fan group on the From Out of the Night... A Hero Must Rise Facebook page.


Zorro fans who like all things Zorro will enjoy the Zorro's Lair Facebook page dedicated to all the wonderful actors who've played Zorro.


Zorro fans will also find the official Zorro Productions Facebook page at



  1. I have not seen reruns of the Zorro series with Guy Williams since I was a little girl back in the day. Thanks to CoziTV they have put Zorro back on the air Monday-Friday 11am-12pm! SO Thank you Cozi for putting my handsome hero back on TV to enjoy once again!! I love Guy Williams as Zorro!

    1. Wow since February? I only found out last month! Same here, hadn't seen it since the 70's. I didn't remember any episodes but a couple scenes. I hope they don't cancel it. COZI TV shows the worst of the worst so far as TV shows go: Hart To Hart, Murder She Wrote, Simon & Simon, Magnum PI, in other words, pure CRAP! It follows they would cancel the ONLY quality program they show. I wish Zorro was on at night, 10pm instead of 10am, it's too brutal a time to wake up for Zorro but I do. They should rebroadcast it at 10pm like Antenna TV does with Bewitched or 1 am for the insomniacs. Zorro is a program to be watched when it's dark outside.

  2. Oh yeah and only GUY WILLIAMS is worthy of wearing the cape and mask. This blogger needs to trim out the fat aka all the clowns, buffoons and other bozos in the suit.