Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Zorro Swashbuckling News and Updates

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Zorro In Stereo - Listen up!

Zorro comes to life in full-cinematic surround sound in three full-cast audio drama presentations. For those who don't know what a full-cast audio drama is it's like an audiobook (book on tape/CD). You might call it audio theater, a radio play, a radio drama, or a movie for your mind. Each character is voiced or played by a separate actor. The performance is delivered similar to that of a theater play or movie. Since their is no picture, you, the listener create the scenes in you mind. Sound effects and music enhance the story as it plays out in your imagination. The crunch of footsteps on gravel as Zorro sneaks into the restricted area of the cuartel, horses hooves thundering past as soldiers give pursuit, muskets booming as they're fired and the clash of steel as swords collide bring excitement and realism to the story in full stereo sound. So LISTEN UP and let your imagination transport you back in time as you follow the exploits of that swashbuckling hero called ZORRO.

Listen to the the audio trailers by clicking on the link.

The Mark of Zorro

Zorro and the Pirate Raiders

Zorro Rides Again

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